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Join us and change the future of a child from Filhos do Céu.

Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro - BA, Brazil
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Filhos do Céu, meaning Children of God, has been caring for children and teenagers in situations of risk and social vulnerability for 14 years in Arraial d’Ajuda, in the southern region of Bahia, Brazil.

Everyday we provide them a safe place with meals, education, sports and counseling. Our mission is to take our kids off the streets and assist them to become outstanding adults by creating a healthy environment.

To keep this project running, we rely on the monthly support of individuals and companies whom we affectionately call sponsors. They are the ones who make our work possible, providing a better future for our children.

Join us in the "Sponsor A Child" campaign and help us carry this dream forward.

Our Work

We are a big family, currently with 180 children, and we continue to grow.
Zero Hunger Programme

Our home provides breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks for about 180 children per day. All the meals are balanced with appropriate nutritional elements to support the growth and development of our children.

Inclusive Education

Every day, the children receive guidance on their homework and academic reinforcement through pedagogical and playful activities. Additionally, English and computer classes complement the actions of public education in Arraial d'Ajuda.

Sports for All

Our week is filled with sports activities that encourage discipline, sportmanship and focus. The aim is to spark interest in sports among our children through capoeira, tennis, jiu-jitsu, aerial fabric dance, dodgeball and much more.

Art & Culture

It's the moment when children use their imagination and allow themselves to dream. These magical moments happen in our art classes, painting, theater, aerial fabric dance, dance, music, and other activities, where they can express themselves freely.

Community Library of God

We provide a community library with over 6,000 copies managed by our students in a apprenticeship program, promoting a love for reading among students and the local community expanding their imagination far and beyond.

Brilliant Seeds

Our full-time care program, Brilliant Seeds, is designed for children aged 1 to 3. It offers a range of activities focused on cognitive development, nurturing autonomy in diverse settings. This program ensures dedicated care and holistic growth for our youngest members.

Watch: A Day in the Life of Mayama

In our super production created with lots of love, join us for a day in the life of Mayama and discover a bit more about their daily routine. Get ready to be enchanted!

Crédito: Banana Webfilms

How to Help

You can help us by sponsoring a child and make a difference in our community.

Fruits, milk, chocolate milk, bread, cookies, butter, jam, rice pudding, cake, and hope.


Teachers, well-ventilated classrooms, sports court, dance hall, and lots of creativity.


Rice, beans, meat or chicken, salad, cooked vegetables, and pasta made with lots of love.

School supplies

Uniform, books, notebooks, whiteboard, colored papers, colored pencils, markers, and much more.

Sponsor a Child
per month
School suppliesSchool supplies
Sponsor a child

Changing children's lives for 14 years.

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With the support of our sponsors, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of countless children.

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People from all parts of the world, united by this common purpose, support us on this journey.

Our Team

With the help of these amazing individuals, we are capable of positively impacting the lives of countless children.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please see below

1. Where does your donation go?

Nutrition, education, culture, and emotional health for over 180 children.

2. How does this campaign work?

You finance the daily life of a child. Teachers, school supplies, maintenance of the facility, and food.

3. Can my donation be anonymous?

Yes, get in touch with us or make a direct deposit to the institution’s account.

Deposit details:


Associação Filhos do Céu 

Banco do Brasil

Agência 4670 1
C corrente: 7281 8
CNPJ 113787410001/27
IBAN: BR1800000000046700000072818C1
Rua Ceará 15, CEP 45816000 – Arraial d’Ajuda (Bahia/Brazil)


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