Theater is life, and to act is to live

Education and art have the power to transcend boundaries and change lives. In an inspiring reimagining of the iconic work “O AUTO DA COMPADECIDA,” under the guidance of our talented artistic educator, Patrick Prins, our students enthusiastically embraced this artistic challenge. Day and night, tirelessly, they dedicated themselves to rehearsing and delving into their characters, striving for perfection in every gesture and word.

The result was incredible. On stage, our students managed to elicit both tears and smiles from our audience. They brought the story to life in a unique way, reigniting the audience’s love for a plot that is already cherished by all.

But this achievement would not have been possible without the help and support of everyone who believes in the magic of art and the importance of education. We deeply thank each person involved in this project, from the educators who inspired our students to the supporters who made this beautiful art universe a reality.

Our journey continues, uniting education and art because we know that these experiences shape our students, turning them into more aware and sensitive citizens. Through this magical combination, we will continue to inspire and touch hearts, ensuring that education is not only about knowledge but also an expression of beauty and passion.

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